Mission Control

MoonDAO is accelerating the development of a lunar base through better coordination. Want to help? This flow will onboard you into our community in less than 5 minutes, even if you’re new to Web3.

Why Join MoonDAO?

Help Decentralize Access to Space
Ensure our multi-planetary future isn’t the exclusive domain of a few governments and billionaires. By working together to support a borderless, decentralized future that's open to all dedicated to building off-world, irrespective of national borders or geopolitics. MoonDAO is coordinating engineers, scientists, researchers, artists, devs, and space enthusiasts from all over the world to accelerate progress.
Shape Our Community’s Destiny
Be an integral part of MoonDAO's vibrant community by actively participating in discussions, governance, voting, and initiatives. Shape the community's direction, voice your ideas, and foster connections with fellow members. Your input counts in building a strong and supportive network that propels us toward a shared interstellar future.
Co-Create a Lunar Settlement
Participate in shaping MoonDAO's direction through governance—guide the allocation of resources in our treasury, influence organizational decisions, and participate in direct governance as well as leadership elections.
Get Funding for R&D
MoonDAO helps fund research and development projects from all over the world that are helping to decentralize access to space. Have a revolutionary idea? Pitch it to our community to get your project funded. Want to join a cutting edge team? Join a MoonDAO project.
Network with Space Professionals
Connect and collaborate with a global network of like-minded visionaries, builders, and thought leaders, fostering innovation toward an open-source and open-space policy framework, including gaining access to funding opportunities or builders that can bring things to fruition.
Savings on Space Ventures
Use your $MOONEY to access discounts on space-related products and services through the MoonDAO marketplace, including our DNA Mission to the Moon, digital assets, and more. Stay up to date as we take steps to make it available for community members to list their own offerings for $MOONEY!
Access to Extraordinary Events
Enjoy access to exclusive events like our Ticket to Space sweepstakes, Zero Gravity training with NASA astronauts, and other unforgettable experiences.
Let’s Build Together
MoonDAO is only getting started with everything it plans to achieve and you can help shape the directions and achievements of the world’s largest Space Network State as humanity moves off-world.